Resources for Geography Teachers

Geography can be a fun, interactive subject. Teachers can help their students develop an interest and aptitude for the subject by using engaging worksheets and activities.

Below you’ll find a variety of interesting approaches to teaching Geography and exploring the globe with your students – all created by teachers for teachers. Guide your students in uncovering evidence of climate change or evaluating the relationship between food and farming.

These resources will support your lesson planning and help you deliver engaging lessons, covering everything from the Nile to earthquakes. Browse some of our top Geography resources below or view the full collection on our website.

Get ready to build a love for Geography in your students!


Grade 4 Geography Term 3 – Food and Farming

This pack contains a summary of Grade 4 Term 3 Geography work with beautiful accompanying illustrations. It includes a PowerPoint (34 pages) and PDF (12 print-friendly pages). This is great for exam prep or class handouts.

The topics covered are:

  • People and food
  • Ways for farming
  • Crop farming
  • Stock farming
  • Location of main crop and stock farming areas in South Africa
  • Unprocessed and processed foods
  • From farm to factory to shop to home: wheat fields to bread sandwich

Download here.


Places Where People Live

This is a 57 slide PowerPoint lesson covering:

  • People and places
  • Landmarks and explaining the way
  • People and their needs

Included is also 3 homework sheets for consolidation tasks.

Download here.


Grade 5 Geography Term 3 – Weather, Climate and Vegetation

This pack contains a full summary of Grade 5 Term 3 Geography work with a PowerPoint (50 pages) and PDF (10 pages).

The topics covered are:

  • Weather
  • Rainfall
  • Climate
  • Natural Vegetation

Download here.


Grade 5 Geography Examination

This pack includes am Grade 5 Geography examination, memorandum and cognitive level summary.

Download here.


Geography Grade 5 Prezis Term 1 and 2

Some teachers find Prezi to be a more engaging presentation when compared to PowerPoint. Each Prezi in this pack is a micro-lesson on each topic for Grade 5 Term 1 and 2 Geography, as per CAPS. It is made for both Windows and Mac, and all YouTube videos are built in.

Download here.


Food and Farming in South Africa

This pack includes a 118 slide PowerPoint lesson focussed on:

  • People and food
  • Ways of farming
  • Crop farming
  • Case study of fruit farming
  • Stock farming
  • Case study of stock farming
  • Our successful farm
  • Unprocessed and processed foods

Download here.


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