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Support learning at home through access to thousands of e-learning resources

Whether you’ve decided to homeschool your child long-term, or whether you are immersing yourself in e-learning as a way to keep up with the curriculum while schools are closed during the Covid-19 outbreak, finding quality content is tricky. This is how Snapplify helps: 

Thousands of free educational ebooks

During school closures, many learners have not had their books with them and teachers are still struggling to find ways to get content to learners. When we realised the impact of this on millions of learners, we got hold of key educational publishers – like Cambridge University Press Africa, Cover2Cover, Via Afrika, Shuter & Shooter, Macmillan, and more – to find a way to make it easier for kids and teens to stay up to date with their schoolwork.

Out of these discussions came Snapplify Free Access – a programme that provides parents, teachers, and learners with easy, FREE access to top-quality educational ebooks, e-textbooks, teacher guides and supplementary resources. Once you have added a free title to your library, it will be available to you for the rest of 2020. 

Head over here to find out more about how to access these free digital resources.

More than just textbooks

At Snapplify, we’ve always been focused on making it easier for everyone to access the reading materials they need. 

Long before the Covid-19 crisis, the Snapplify store has included thousands of free ebooks, including open-source textbooks, past exam papers for revision purposes, children’s books in all official South African languages, as well as classic literature – from Shakespeare’s plays to classic novels and poetry anthologies

Plus, whether you’re looking for supplementary study materials, or you’re after spellbinding stories for leisure reading, there are plenty of other books to purchase too.

Browse the store by categories or simply use the search bar if you’re looking for something specific. To make it easier for you to find the best books, we’ve compiled collections of ebooks, grouped by themes. Have a squiz at Zoom In – the interactive content series by Oxford University Press – or take a look at our range of excellent study guides by the Answer Series and other top publishers. Discover Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson, and Spud – or delve into the best of Beatrix Potter and Roald Dahl. There are also a bunch of beautiful books to reignite any reluctant reader’s interest in reading.

An award-winning e-learning platform for schools

If your school signs up for Engage (for free), your child gets instant access to a 24-hour digital library, which comes with over 50 000 free educational resources. No need to visit a physical library when the school librarian can make digital books available for all readers. The Engage platform also comes with other great collaborative e-learning features for teachers and learners. Here’s how you can tell your school all about the platform

No tech headaches – you’re not on your own here

To ensure that parents, teachers, and learners have all the tech support they need during this time, Snapplify’s live chat support hours have been extended to 6 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. The Snapplify Knowledge Base is also packed with helpful, step-by-step articles to guide schools, learners, and parents as you use the platform.

Hundreds of thousands of learners are already accessing educational resources from Snapplify, digitally. Register your Snapplify user account online for free to get started. 

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